Does Duke Energy Hire Felons?

Duke Energy improves the lives of millions of people in the U.S. by providing them with clean, reliable, and affordable energy. The company also shares efficiency tips with its customers.

One’s past conduct is not always an indicator of one’s future. Felons deserve a second chance. With steady work and income, they can re-enter society and become law-abiding citizens.

About Duke Energy

Duke Energy is one of the largest electric companies in the United States. It provides cleaner electricity to 7.7 million customers in six states along the East Coast and throughout the Midwest.

In 1900, Dr. Walker Wylie began the company as Catawba Power Company. Four years later, the Duke Brothers, James and Benjamin, changed the name to Duke Energy.

By 2017, Duke Energy had grown to over 4 major plants and over 29,000 employees. Two years later, it earned the award of being one of The 50 Best Employers in America.

The company’s full time employee benefits include medical, dental and vision health insurance. They also comprise flexible schedules, paid time off, relocation assistance, and retirement and savings plans.

Duke Energy employees praise the company’s friendly environment and its guaranteed forty-hour workweeks. They post appreciative comments on line about the company’s strong emphasis on safety and doing jobs right the first time.

Does Duke Energy Hire Felons?

The company website any mention whether Duke Energy hires felons or not. Our online research shows that this company does not hire individuals with felony records.

During our research, we found one report in 2018 of Duke Energy hiring a non-violent felon. In the same year, the company employed someone with a record of child sexual abuse.

Does Duke Energy Run Background Checks?

All Duke Energy job applicants undergo routine background checks going back seven years. They also receive a physical examination and must provide samples of urine, blood, and hair for drug testing.

Background checks include verification of identity, education, and past employment. Credit and driver records, bankruptcies, and criminal records are also checked.

Careers at Duke Energy

Duke Energy helps applicants to develop careers with the company.

An Assistant Storekeeper works under supervision while learning to perform certain duties in the warehouse. The duties include how to ship, receive, and issue various stores and items. He learns when and how to inventory all parts, materials, and equipment.

An Electrician installs, repairs, and maintains all electrical support equipment in various company facilities. He performs the same functions with all electrical systems and their components.

A Mechanic installs, repairs, and maintains all mechanical equipment, machinery, and systems at work sites. He diagnoses faults in these systems. He replaces worn, damaged, and/or failed equipment and machinery.

A Laborer cleans all large equipment and industrial machinery after their use. He cleans up work areas when jobs are complete, and carries out Janitor duties. He follows all safety rules.

A Line Technician Journeyman constructs all overhead and underground electrical distribution facilities. He troubleshoots and maintains them on a regular basis. He knows and adheres to all safety regulations.

Application Process at Duke Energy

To apply for a job, go to the company career link below. Follow instructions and create an applicant profile. Then search for the job you want. After applying on line, you will receive directions on how to submit your resumé.

Do not lie in your resumé. Record your felony history and any jobs you held since your release. Being truthful will enhance your credibility with your interviewer and the company.

If you do not hear back a week or two after submitting your application, be polite and persistent. Stay in touch with your hiring contact. Learn about the company’s history and products.

Your interview may take place with one or more Duke Energy hiring staff. Dress in clean work clothes; suits are not required. Stay calm, professional, and look your interviewer(s) in the eye.

Pay attention to your interviewer’s questions. Be willing to show your enthusiasm for the company, its ideals, and its history. Talk about your desire for a steady career with Duke Energy.

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