Does Fluor Hire Felons?

Fluor is an engineering, construction, and maintenance company that works on a global scale. Not only does Fluor provide companies with fabrication, engineering, and construction solutions, but they also offer procurement services that allow Fluor to give clients a comprehensive overview of the service costs, logistics, and provisions necessary to complete any project.

Companies like Fluor have a history of viewing felons by their record, and not by their abilities. However, felons are not their records, they are people with intelligent ideas and skilled labor. Felons are an overlooked asset to society; and, if given the opportunity, they can become an asset to a workplace. Giving them a place to work, and ways to create routine, will help them break their past habits, as well as overcome the financial stress that can cause a relapse in criminal behavior.

About Fluor

Fluor operates on large scale business projects including energy/chemical, infrastructure, mining, and government work. They manage a diverse array of services. They manufacture parts, work with suppliers, supply clients with labor, and provide/source tools for their clientele’s needs.

Fluor, created by J. Robert Fluor,  was born in California in 1912 as a meter building shop for gas companies. Over time, clients requested larger and larger projects of them, most of them in the field of fossil fuel. In 1933 they closed their first overseas contract in the Persion Gulf and, soon after, they joined the US war efforts to fight World War II by manufacturing helium plants. They continued to grow as a company, going public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1957 and building offices all around the world starting that same year.

Fluor has received over 60 awards and recognitions from 2015 to 2019. They’ve been acknowledged in all their fields of business. Now over 53,000 employees strong, Fluor holds offices in 25 different countries across the globe.

Fluor has comprehensive benefits packages for all their salaried employees, including dental, vision, health, teledoc (doctor advice given over the phone), and coverages for life, accident, and disability. Included in these benefits are employee assistance programs, paid time off, education assistance, and retirement plans. All employees are well paid and taken care of.

Employees at Fluor report great salaries, and wonderful benefits. However, they consistently talk of withstanding the elements, as many of the positions at Fluor demand long hours spent outside. Although the work can be difficult on your body, the health benefits work to fix your ailments, and employees work in teams to ensure the work will get done, even when down an employee.

Does Fluor Hire Felons?

Based on research across multiple sources, including a forum answered by previous and current employees, Fluor does not hire felons. They have incredibly thorough background checks, and they investigate past convictions and records.

However, a previous employee did mention a small relaxation in the no-hire policy. They mentioned that, in some special cases, candidates with convictions that are over ten years old may be given some grace and asked to prove that they have changed from their previous behavior. But, that does not mean that every candidate will get that opportunity, nor does that mean they will get the job even if they do prove their changed behavior.

Does Fluor run background checks?

Flour does very thorough background checks. In order to apply to Fluor, you must set up an account, or give legal release of your information to their recruiting team. In the agreement statement preluding the application process, they state that you are legally agreeing to provide your information for background checking purposes.

Fluor’s background checks are extremely detailed and they may pull information regarding criminal activity, traffic history, credit history, and medical history. To safeguard the applicant and the information they released to Fluor, Fluor holds all private information securely and allows applicants to have the direct email address of the department that handles background checks, private information, and disputes/inquiries of private information.

Careers At Fluor

Fluor is a wonderful company to work for with a great repertoire of outstanding benefits and pay. Their hiring process is extensive, as they truly want to narrow candidates to the best available for their field. Clients of Fluor expect quality work, with minimal cost, and perfectly timed deadlines.  Fluor wants their workforce to fall in line with these expectations.

An HVAC Technician is expected to install/repair venting equipment, perform warranty services, provide technical on the job training, and be proficient at reading blueprints and plans. An HVAC Technician will have up to date certifications and previous experience in the field.

Electricians can install electrical wire, repair instruments such as circuit breakers, heating units, and switch boards, and use electrician’s hand tools. For this position, Fluor will accept people who went through an apprenticeship in order to gain their title as a licensed electrician.

A Cable Installer will perform installation and maintenance duties for communication lines. They will often work as, or with, electricians to ensure communication cable is installed correctly, to the blueprint’s specifications. They can also expect to receive other maintenance duties.

A Legal Assistant will work under close supervision to research laws, and assist attorneys and senior legal assistants. This position has heavy deadlines. Candidates will also work as a liaison between outside parties and company personnel, research on their own accord, and assist in administrative tasks.

SAP Maintenance Planners work directly under supervision from senior specialists, maintenance managers, or operations managers in order to ensure the managers schedule the correct maintenance procedures. Members in this position will also test equipment themselves and consider what resources need to be expedited to meet the requirements of any maintenance needs.

Application Process At Fluor

To begin the process of applying to a position at Fluor, first go to their website: There are a few options available to choose for your job search: Professional, U.S. Craft, Graduate, LOGCAP IV, and Federal. Most entry level jobs are located in the “Professional” option. To narrow results, enter a keyword, then choose your country, state, and job family. When you have found the job to which you hope to apply, click “Submit to Job” and either create a log in to Fluor, provide them with your linked in profile, or click “Skip sign in”. The website will walk you through what information to give them, when to upload the necessary documents, and what to expect after submission.

Fluor is a very professional company, so be sure to use formal language in your resumes, cover letters, and added text. They want to see candidates that take themselves seriously, with a confident demeanor and formal appeal. Avoid slang, and word your sentences concisely.

It will look good for your integrity to be upfront about your background and history. Discovering your felony will make the background check take longer, but if you are the first to mention it, you have more control over how they discover the information. By fully disclosing your past, you can prove that you understand the motives behind your actions and have come to a healthy place mentally, no longer choosing to make the same decisions.

The application will ask you to provide work history and a resume. On your work history, list your workplaces by starting where you most recently worked. However, when submitting your resume, list only the work experiences most relevant to the field you’re applying for. This will help them decide if the jobs more relevant to the field gave you the skills necessary to prepare you for the position you applied for.

Be sure to also provide a list of references for Fluor to call and verify your information. If you can, list previous employers from jobs you mentioned on your resume. This way, Fluor can learn more about you in the context of the fields you are hoping to work. It may also be wise to list some people involved in your recovery as a felon. These people can offer insight into your new self, and create a testimony for how you have changed.

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