Does Ecolab Hire Felons?

Ecolab is a global leader in water, healthcare, hygiene and energy technologies. Its goal is to create a cleaner, safer, and healthier world for all.

Felons do not deserve a “forever” judgment for their past crimes. Given a second chance with stable employment and good wages, many will prove that they can change.

About Ecolab

Based in St. Paul, MN, Ecolab Inc. researches and delivers global solutions to industries around the world that deal with supplying and protecting the planet’s water and energy, as well as food services, manufacturing, lodging, and healthcare.

Merritt J. Osborn founded the company in 1923 after he created his first product, a rug-cleaning compound. He named the company Economics Laboratory, later shortening its name to Ecolab.

The company has grown to 10,000 employees, 49,000 associates, and 3 million customers in over 170 countries. It has received many awards, among them, World’s Most Ethical Companies. Best Places to Work. Best for Vets.

The company’s benefits package covers health insurance for all employees as well as their families.  It includes medical, dental and vision insurance. Ecolab also offers tuition reimbursement, 401k and pension plans.

Past and current employees value its flexible, independent work environment. They call Ecolab a great company to work for and praise its paid training programs and strong safety culture.

Does Ecolab Hire Felons?

The company website does not mention the subject of hiring felons. After an extensive search online, we could not find reports or evidence that Ecolab hires felons.

One online report in 2019 said that Ecolab considers felons for employment according to state and local law requirements. Another 2019 report said having a felony disqualifies an applicant.

Does Ecolab Run Background Checks?

All applicants receive one or more background checks that go back for ten years. They all include drug screening. Some of the background checks screen for alcohol as well.

Ecolab background checks include verification of identity, references, education, and past employment. They also cover credit and driving records, and drug, bankruptcy, and criminal records.

Careers at Ecolab

Ecolab is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It hires minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities and gender identity issues.

A Fork Lift Operator moves pallets of packed orders for shipping, and loads the orders onto trailers. He cleans up work areas. He follows all safety and warehouse procedures and policies.

A Service Technician performs onsite installations, repairs, and maintenance. He follows all Ecolab’s procedures and protocols on safety. In addition, he builds positive relationships with Ecolab customers.

A Class 3 Licensed Operations Driver applies all company safety rules. He completes daily logbooks and vehicle inspections. He plans effective routing of trucks and maintains trip logs. He assists with Inventory control.

A Route Technician performs chemical tests, and logs and reports his findings. He delivers chemicals to customers on site. He maintains product inventories of customer accounts. He complies with all safety regulations.

A Yard Jockey organizes the yard for outgoing and incoming trailers. He assists with loading and unloading trailers. He identifies and documents vehicle mechanical defects. He maintains clean, safe trailers and work environment.

Application Process at Ecolab

Ecolab has a simple online application process (see link below). It includes uploading your resumé at the same time. During this step, you may receive extra questions about your work history. If so, answer them with complete information.

Do not lie in your resumé and application. Ensure your question answers and information are correct and complete. Doing so will enhance your credibility with the interviewer(s).

Applicants who qualify will receive an email or phone call to schedule a personal interview. Our online research did not determine if felons who apply to Ecolab receive a similar response or not.

Interviewers may ask applicants questions about their past work duties. They may also ask about various decisions the applicant made while working at earlier jobs.

Interviewers may request an applicant to do certain activities before the next interview. They will evaluate the applicant’s response, as well as his/her enthusiasm for the company, its ideals, and creating a career with Ecolab.

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