Does Deer Park Spring Water Co. Hire Felons?

Deer Park Spring Water is a Nestle owned company that produces bottled water.  Originally a resort, Deer Park has continued its namesake by selling the water bottled from its spring.

A whopping 27% of released prisoners remain unemployed, according to a 2018 study.  This represents a huge workforce eager to reintegrate into society.  The number is especially terrible when compared to a national average of 4%.

About Deer Park Spring Water Company

Deer Park manufactures and sells distilled water, spring water, and sparkling water.  The water is bottled at one of several springs located in four different states.

Originally a resort in Maryland during 1873, Deer Park offered water to its guest from a local spring.  As the resort lost popularity the company pivoted towards the sale of their spring water.  In 1993 Nestle Waters purchased the company.

Nestle Waters is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.  They employee over 7,500 people in 29 different bottling facilities.  These facilities bottle 11.7 billion bottles a year, shipped out in a fleet of 3,600 vehicles.

Nestle Waters provides employees of Deer Park extensive benefit options.  They offer health coverage for prescription, dental, vision, and dependent care.  Financial support includes employer matched savings, auto/home/pet insurance, and direct investment into Nestle offered funds.  Other benefits include adoption support and caregiver leave.

Workplace reviews trend towards the positive.  Multiple employees liked working with competent professionals.  Others appreciated the company’s community involvement.  More than one review complained about the pay, referencing higher compensation at other companies for similar jobs.

Does Deer Park Spring Water Company Hire Felons?

Research indicates that they will hire felons.  The exception is violent or sexual offenders.  Often a small company like Deer Park is more likely to hire felons.

A small company is looking for someone who is honest, on time, and willing to pick up new skills.  A prior conviction does not preclude an individual from developing any of these traits.  The interview is the best place to convey these traits.

Does Deer Park Spring Water Company Run Background Checks?

Deer Park does run background checks.  Sometimes these checks may turn up information that is over a decade old.  This may influence an employer’s decision even if the company claims to be an equal opportunity employer.

Don’t let this prevent you from applying, but don’t be tempted to lie on an application.  False information on the application will make it too easy for an employer to throw out your resume.

Careers at Deer Park Spring Water Company

Nestle Waters manages the careers page for Deer Park Spring Water.  This means you can search for jobs from several of their other companies while looking at what’s available.  Below are some common jobs.

Maintenance Parts Purchaser- This position requires a high school diploma and computer proficiency.  The job involves monitoring and sourcing maintenance parts and repairs.  It may entail creating performance reports, too.

Forklift Operator- Forklift operators move products around the warehouses in a safe and efficient manner.  It requires a driver’s license and a clean driving record (last seven years).  Expect a drug screen with the background check.

Yard Driver- This one requires a CDL and organizational skills.  A yard driver conducts preventative maintenance on the yard truck.  They also control the movement of trailers to and from loading docks.

Route Delivery Driver Non-CDL- No CDL license? No problem.  A clean driving record is good enough.  Route Delivery Drivers take orders from the warehouse to the door of the customers.  This means safe driving and great customer service skills.

Dispenser Processor- This job involves the assembly and sanitation of equipment used at the bottling plants.  Basic math and record keeping skills are required.  A high school diploma will satisfy the education requirement.

Application Process at Deer Park Spring Water Company

Discover available positions here.  From there you can search for openings by location.  They also post a handful of priority openings from around the United States.

Prior to filling out an application make sure any public social media presence you have wouldn’t embarrass the company you want to work for.  This is likely to be examined during a background check.

Spend time learning about the company and the people that work there.  Understand what the company does.  Memorize and understand a mission statement if one exists.  Prove that you know what the company is about.

Have prepared examples of prior experience.  Don’t be caught on the spot without an answer.  However, don’t make up something if you don’t have the answer you think they want.

Finally, try conducting a mock interview.  Have someone ask you questions that are likely to come up during an interview.  Have them ask some questions that might be off topic.  If you can contact someone who’s worked there before they may have interview information.

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