Does Charter Communications Hire Felons?

Charter Communications (Charter) is a broadband communications company in the United States. They offer internet, TV, and telephone services to residents and businesses.

Will Charter consider hiring somebody with a felony past? Research shows that most felons stay out of trouble if they find work. And, keeping people out of jails and prisons saves lots of money. Thus, helping ex-offenders build a new career can be a win-win situation.

About Charter

Charter is among the nation’s leaders in broadband and internet services. They serve over 29 million customers across the United States.

In 1993, Charter Communications was founded in St. Louis, MO. Charter acquired Time Warner Cable and Bright House in 2016 to become the second-largest cable provider in the United States.

Today, there are over 300-million devices connected across 41 states. Over 95,000 employees help Charter bring in over 45-billion dollars in yearly revenue.

Charter offers industry-leading benefits. Options include extensive health insurance packages and a generous 401(k) plan. Charter also provides a Retirement Accumulation Plan, which puts extra money into a retirement savings account.

From the top on down, Charter takes great pride in fostering a diverse workforce. There are programs in place designed to connect teammates from all walks of life. Thus, creating encouraging environments in which diversity can thrive.

Does Charter Hire Felons?

Charter encourages people from all backgrounds to apply through partnerships with many social organizations. Yet, you will not work for Charter if you have a felony on record.

You might have a chance if the crime was a misdemeanor or less. However, it appears there is a hard line at the felony level, regardless of the offense and when it occurred.

Does Charter Run Background Checks?

If selected for a job at Charter, they will run a background check. This is to protect the company from potential liability issues and to keep the employees safe.

Like many large companies, the background check will cover job history, education, driving record, and criminal history. It appears the screening can take anywhere from 2 days to a week to complete, so be patient.

Careers at Charter

Positions at Charter split into six categories:

  • Corporate
  • Internships
  • Sales
  • Technician
  • Technology
  • Television, News & Media

Maintenance Technicians install cable and internet equipment for new customers. They also troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.

Customer Service Representatives work with customers toward resolving account and service issues. They operate out of Spectrum’s call centers.

Direct Sales Representatives sell Spectrum equipment and services to potential customers. They base out of corporate offices but spend most of the time going door-to-door.

Inside Sales Representatives specialize in maintaining current accounts. They follow up with existing customers to track satisfaction with their Spectrum services. They also resolve account issues and offer service upgrades.

Application Process at Charter

If you are ready to search for a job, check out the Careers drop-down menu at the top of the corporate page. You can learn about career opportunities, benefits, diversity, and more. The Job Search link will take you to the Spectrum Jobs page.

Once you find the desired job, fill out the online application. You may be required to complete a skills assessment, depending on the role. A recruiter will reach out for a brief conversation about the role and to schedule an interview with a supervisor.

The first interview is typically brief and will review the job and your skillset. If the supervisor thinks you could be a good fit, you will stick around for an interview with the hiring manager and other personnel.

You will receive a job offer if you pass both interviews. You can officially join the team if you clear the background check and drug screening. But, having a felony may result in a failed background check.

Present yourself like you already got the job – arrive at the interview early and dress the part. Answer all questions with clarity and an upright posture.

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