Does Denny’s Hire Felons?

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, albeit some bigger than others. However, once a felon pays their debt to society, they deserve a second chance in all aspects of life.

During the hiring process, companies should take into consideration that felons have served their time, and are looking for a fresh start. If a felon can perform necessary job duties, the company should be open to offering them employment.

About Denny’s

Denny’s is a diner franchise. They offer breakfast and simple lunch and dinner options as well as dessert. No alcohol is offered.

Denny’s was founded in 1953 in Lakewood, California by Harold Butler and Richard Jezak. It was started as a 24-hour donut and coffee chain, named “Danny’s”. It became a restaurant chain.

With over 1700 locations, Denny’s employs approximately 8,500 people. The diner won “Social Media Marketer of the Year” and “Platform Pioneer” in 2016. Denny’s has been featured on such shows as Breaking Bad and South Park. They often offer free food, and most locations never close.

Employee benefits include 401(k), discounted meals, life and disability insurance and paid sick leave. They are offered health and dental benefits as well.

Employees greatly enjoy working at Denny’s, due to the flexible hours as well as the benefits. They enjoy the customer interaction and the positive feedback that they get. Coworkers are extremely helpful and friendly to each other.

Does Denny’s Hire Felons?

Based upon our research, Denny’s does hire felons. While it is not guaranteed that every location will offer a felon employment, Denny’s will hire those previously convicted of a felony.

It doesn’t necessarily depend upon the nature of the felony in order to get hired at Denny’s. The company will review each application on an individual basis.

The time that has passed since the felony should not be a concern. As long as sentencing has been served, felons are eligible for hire at Denny’s.

Felons can apply for a number of positions at Denny’s. They will hire servers, cooks, hosts, and dishwashers who have been convicted of a felony.

Application Process At Denny’s

The application process for employment at Denny’s is quite simple. You can apply in person or online at Denny’s website. After a manager reviews your application, you will be contacted for an interview if they are interested in hiring you. When applying:

  • Be honest on your application.
  • Provide all relative work experience.
  • Provide a working phone number.
  • If applying in person, be sure to bring a pen with you, and dress professionally.
  • While a separate resume is not necessary, you can submit one if you wish.
  • Be prepared to provide an answer when asked why you wish to work for the company.

Tips To Apply At Denny’s

When applying at Denny’s, make sure to be honest and open about your past and any felony convictions. You may be asked about the situation, and it can come up in a background check, so be forthright. Don’t hold back what they are going to find out anyway, and management will appreciate your honesty.

Have a positive attitude, and demonstrate a strong work ethic. Make sure you can provide a reference as well. You will come across as professional and eager to work. Management will appreciate your willingness to do hard work, and they will value your references.

You are invited to follow up with management after an interview to check the status of your application. If employment is not offered at the time of the interview, stop by the restaurant at any time to inquire about the position you applied for. This demonstrates an interest in the job. It will be appreciated that you are taking initiative to check the status of your application.

Don’t stress about your prior conviction. If you are asked about it, answer questions honestly, but don’t make too much out of it. Focus on the good stuff too. Your conviction doesn’t define you!

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