Does Chili’s Hire Felons?

Just because someone has committed a felony doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a second chance. Many felons want to rebuild their lives and change their behavior after serving time. Everyone deserves the opportunity to do their best.

However, many places do not hire people that have committed any kind of felony, even though research shows that getting steady work is a key part of rehabilitation for felons. This article will specifically address the company Chili’s and their hiring process as it relates to felons.

About Chili’s

Chili’s is a bar and grill that serves Tex-Mex/American food. They offer a casual dining atmosphere, decorated in a South-Western style.

Larry Levine founded Chili’s Bar and Grill in 1975 from a re-purposed post office in Dallas, Texas. Brinker International bought the company in 1983 and they have since gone global.

Chili’s is one of Fortune Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Food Service Companies” and was the 2016 National Chain Winner of the Chain Operators Exchange for Culinary/Operations Innovation.

Benefits are offered to most employees, including a company 401(k) plan. Servers generally get free drinks and meal discounts while on-shift. Some employees receive life insurance, disability, and education reimbursement.

Chili’s employees call themselves “ChiliHeads” and are known for their friendly attitude towards both customers and fellow workers. Since the restaurant’s atmosphere is laid back, you can make connections with your coworkers, as well as enjoy the food during training or when using your employee discount.

Does Chili’s Hire Felons?

Yes. Based on online sources, Chili’s is open to hiring felons as of July 2017. Per our research, Chili’s has and continues to hire felons.

There isn’t much information on whether the nature of the felony affects in the hiring process. The company policy does not seem to have a preference.

Research also doesn’t show if how long it has been since the felony makes a difference either. Again, it is the company’s policy to allow hiring felons, with no clear restrictions.

From online research, it seems felons are capable of getting hired for any position. However, proving your ability to do a managerial job could prove difficult, so it’s recommended to start at a lower-level job and work hard to move up to management.

Application Process At Chili’s

Chili’s follows a standard hiring process: you find a job opening, fill out the application, then go to an interview.

  • Go to and search for open positions. You can leave the job title box blank.
  • Pick a job. Read the description completely!
  • Log or create a new account.
  • Complete the application. You’ll want your résumé. Be ready to answer questions about yourself, employment, and education.
  • If they’re interested in hiring you, they’ll call to schedule an interview.
  • Dress clean and nicely for the interview. Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Be honest and polite.
  • They’ll tell you what to expect next.

Tips To Apply At Chili’s

Make sure you get all information correct on the application! Especially contact information, because this can prevent them from reaching you for a potential interview.

If you use anyone as a reference, contact them first unless they’ve previously told you it’s okay. This especially applies to people you associated with prior to your felony.

It’s important that you don’t lie about your felony on your application. It’s not only unlawful and could lead to arrest, but dishonesty will quickly disqualify you from any position once the hiring manager finds out.

If your felony comes up in the interview, be honest! Make sure they know that you’re working hard to rebuild your life. Give them reason to believe that you have a solid work ethic and will be a good employee.

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