Can Felons Travel To Austria?

Vibrant with charming sceneries, beautiful villages, green pastures, alpine mountains and majestic buildings, Austria is the perfect place for either an unforgettable family tour or a relaxing solo travel.

Felons can sure travel within the US just like any other citizen. Traveling abroad, however, is another matter, especially in terrorist-prone countries where the entry of undesirable aliens is stringently regulated.

Travel Restrictions

Obtaining a travel document is generally not an issue for felons who want to take a trip abroad. However, there are legal grounds on which the US State Department may refuse anyone’s attempt to go out of the country.

The Department will not issue a passport if the applicant is legally incompetent or is subject to a court order committing him to a mental institution.

Financial reasons such as default in federal loan obligations or a child support debt in arrears of more than $2500 may likewise hold you back. These debts must be paid within the period allowed in one’s application or renewal.

People who are subject to a warrant of arrest under the Federal Fugitive Felon Act and any other federal-level arrest cannot travel. This includes felony-related subpoenas, whether in the federal or state level.

The Department also invalidates the passport of anyone who has been imprisoned for a federal or state drug offense, as well any offense related to the illicit production of controlled substances.

Reasons To Travel To Austria

If you think you never knew anything about Austria, then think of Vienna, or Freud, Beethoven and Mozart. Their artistic and intellectual legacy alone would nudge the desire to visit this great city.

Aside from the world thinkers and stunners that once settled in Vienna, the beautiful architecture, the galleries, museums, the feel of the city itself is enough reason to tour around the imperial capital.

Down the medieval memory lane, the town of Feldkirch is idly sitting by. A stroll around the ancient streets would make you envy people who were live there.

Innsbruck thrice hosted the Olympics in the 1970s and in 2012. During the months after the snow caps melted, the place became a great place for winter sports as well as mountaineering.

Requirements To Enter Austria

As a party to the Schengen agreement, Austria is governed by the same laws that other Schengen countries adhere to, especially when it comes to immigration and border control. When you travel to Austria, take note of the following:

  • Passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of entry to any Schengen area
  • You don’t need to present your passport when moving from one Schengen area to another
  • No visa is required for US citizens who plans to stay in a Schengen area for less than 90 days for tourist or business purposes
  • Entry or residence permit is required if period of stay is more than 90 days for tourist, business, student or work purposes
  • Currency restrictions for both entry and exit is 10,000 euro max
  • Possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs will subject you to long jail sentences and serious fines in Austria
  • No known restrictions against travelers with criminal records, as well as vaccinations and HIV/AIDS entry restrictions for foreign tourists or residents

Do you have any other situation or circumstance that may completely ban or restrict your freedom to travel? Why do you plan on traveling to Austria?

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