Can Felons Travel To Panama?

If you are looking for picture perfect sceneries then visiting Panama’s Carribean coast’s scenic views is highly encouraged. You can also enjoy the rich flora and fauna found in the country.

If there are no outstanding charges against you then you should not be restricted to enter the borders of Panama. You are allowed to entry as long as your name is not listed in the no-fly list.

Travel Restrictions

Valid passport must be presented at all times when entering the borders either by land, the sea, or air. On the other hand, for cruise ships, which is often a form of transportation to this country, passports are not required if the tourist is not getting off the port of Panama.

For people who are planning to apply for residency in Panama, the government is now requiring an FBI record. That is, background checks would be done on the applicant.

Tourists who committed minor misdemeanors, non-drug related,  or non-violent felonies should have little to worry about when entering Panama. People who were involved in incidents that happened a significant amount of time should not be alarmed either.

As of now, Panama has no means to run a background check through US Homeland Security. They would only be able to do so upon a formal inquiry.

One should abide by the laws upon crossing the border. Any violation of the law may bring up past records and may cause a tourist to be sent back.

Reasons To Travel To Panama

The country is very accessible from a lot of countries, being a bridge from north to south America. Travel time from America should only be around 2-4 hours.

You can indulge yourself in the vibrant cultural history of Panama as told by its ruins and streets. You can also visit the tribes of Wounaan and immerse in their culture.

This country is suitable for the adventurous as it offers activities like diving, kayaking, and whale watching. On the other hand, you can also just relax on their sandy Carribean beaches.

You can also splurge on the experience without worrying about your budget. Panama offers an inexpensive trip for all.

Tourists can watch over 400 species of birds in the country. With just half an hour drive from the city, you’ll have access to their relaxing nature easily.

One should not pass up the chance to taste their ceviche. Lastly, do not forget their famous coffee!

Requirements To Enter Panama

If you are planning on travelling to Panama, keep in mind a few requirements that should be presented upon entry as listed below.

  • Tourist Visa – this is required for people from countries not in the no-visa list. All tourists who are planning to stay for more than 180 days are required visa documents before flying to the country.
  • Yellow fever vaccinations – if you are coming from countries with endemic yellow fever, this must be taken.
  • Passport – passport with at least 6 months validity and a Panamanian visa is required. For US citizens at least 3 months validity is needed.
  • international boarding card – this is provided by the airline to be submitted at immigration checkpoints
  • Private boat permit fee – an entry permit fee of $110 should be paid to the Servicio Nacional de Migracion for sea travelers who are entering as tourists in their own yachts or boats.
  • HIV/AIDS – Panamanian immigration does not hold a test to check presence of HIV.However, they have the right to send a tourist back if this has been brought to knowledge.

Are you looking for adventure and very hospitable crowd? Panama offers just that!

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