Can Felons Travel To England?

Fairy-bookish memories of kings, palaces and castles are revived when one thinks of England. But perhaps, it is only when you visit the place where these concepts existed that history and culture come alive.

No hard and fast rule exists whether felons may travel to England. A former convict, or any visitor for that matter, may just have to weigh the odds of whether his presence is likely to be adjudged as harmful to public interest.

Travel Restrictions

The State Department denies the travel of any US citizen with criminal charges even if he’s not yet convicted. A mere subpoena in relation to a felony prosecution or a warrant of arrest may instantly disqualify a passport applicant.

An extradition request from a foreign government, a restraint order issued by a US Armed Forces officer or a condition in your supervised release requiring you to stay in the country are valid grounds to deny your passport.

An applicant who is judicially declared to be legally competent as well as a minor, in some instances, is ineligible. The denial of your application continues if it’s previously denied and there has been no change in your circumstances.

Even if you are a felon and you complied with all the conditions, your financial obligations may cause the suspension of your passport. These may either be in the form of a child support debt, unpaid taxes or government loans.

Reasons To Travel To England

Besides beautiful structures against a backdrop of green-grass lawns, pigeons, parks and bridges that you see in pictures, the merry country of England has so much more than that to offer.

You can catch the bustle and soak up the loveliness that London is known for. But London is a tired, old city. Its congested streets may shove you to a train towards the less-crowded cheery counties in the countryside instead.

Devon, Cotswold, Bath and Lake District are just some of England’s most stunning attractions. In Norfolk, the languid villages with vestiges of the Middle Ages, castle ruins, and enthralling museums are great for cycling and strolling around.

Requirements To Enter England

Felons are required to apply for a visa before they enter the UK. As for visitors with conviction for serious offenses, they may be denied entry.

Even if the offense is not too serious or not violence-related, it depends entirely on the discretion of the UK Border Agency to determine whether an alien is “conducive to the public good” or not.

  • No minimum amount of passport validity for US citizens (Unless you plan on crossing to another country)
  • Visa is required for US citizens who stay for more than 90 days
  • Visa is particularly required for visitors with criminal record or who’ve been previously denied entry into UK (Even if visit is less than 90 days)
  • Financial documents showing that you have sufficient funds available (e.g. bank statements, proof of earnings, etc.)
  • For minors under 18, birth certificate or legal document showing the relationship between minor and parent or guardian
  • Consent document from parents or legal guardian if tourist minor is unaccompanied or accompanied by someone other than parent, along with an official document to prove the authenticity of parent’s signature

Do you have a particular circumstance or a situation which may likely deter your wish to travel? Why do you want to go to England?

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