Does Amazon Hire Felons?

Getting hired for a job these days can be quite challenging, even for people with clean criminal records. If employment can be rough for people without criminal records, what more for felons? With felons, they might have to face employment discrimination.

In the United States, the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlaws employment discrimination. Thus, any felon need not worry about finding a fresh start.

About Amazon

The company offers products and services through the internet. They also manufacture electronic devices.

Jeff Bezos established Amazon last 1994., Inc., however, incorporated two years later, on May 28, 1996.

Amazon boasts of more than 269,000 employees internationally. Last 2013, the same company received the National Retail Federation’s Retailer of The Year Award.

Medical, dental, and vision insurances idealized the primary benefits and compensation of the employees. The company gives funds for savings and retirement as well.

Employees love the company’s diverse culture and the list of services they can enjoy. They can also avail of the following: relocation, financial, and legal services.

Does Amazon Hire Felons?

Authors from online sites answered differently. Some sources have said that Amazon does hire felons. Conversely, some references have said the opposite thing.

The hiring process consideration is related to the degree of the felony involved. For instance, the official Amazon website included sex offenders as those who might undergo more difficulty in passing their criminal background check.

Since Amazon is strict in its background check, it is a must that the applicant has no record of any felony in the past seven years. The job recruiter specified that they would consider if the person met the job criteria.

Technician and other logistics-related jobs are available for felons. The hiring process and tips are below.

Application Process At Amazon

Take note that higher-level positions are accessed online, and lower-level ones are made available through job agencies.

  • One way is to pursue employment organizations such as Integrity Staffing and Staff Management (SMX) for they provide the details of the vacancies for job positions.
  • On the other hand, one may go and submit his or her requirements to Amazon’s Jobs website:
  • The interviewer shall contact the applicant for a phone or on-site interview, along with the request for samples of the individual’s work.

The applicant must also consider his or her attire during the on-site interviews. The results shall be out for a few days.

Tips To Apply At Amazon

First, submit an application during the holiday seasons. The start of fall up to winter are the peak seasons for hiring.

Second, when interviewed, be truthful in answering the questions. Do not cover things up, or else the employer would lose their trust to the applicant.

Third, make a comparison of one’s experience and the job position an individual is applying for. Choose a job suited that is best suited to one’s skills and experiences.

Finally, be the best version of yourself. Stop pretending that you do not have a negative past. Instead, acknowledge it and aim for a fresh new start.


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