Does McDonald’s Hire Felons?

Reforming one’s character after incarceration is not easy as walking out the prison gates. It’s difficult for ex-convicts who happen to be ordinary citizens. They strive hard to blend in while society itself can’t shake off the stigma.

There are some companies, however, that give opportunities; they know that being employed is just one way in which a felon could start and prove his worth once again.

About McDonald

McDonald’s is a popular American fast-food restaurant and hamburger stand chain. It caters fast delivery and drive-in restaurant services.

Founded in 1940, it began as a barbecue restaurant owned by the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald. It is famous for its golden arches and the clown-man mascot.

Having more than 30,000 franchisees, McDonald’s restaurants are found in 118 countries worldwide and employ over 420,000 people. In the US, it is the largest private operator of playgrounds and the single largest buyer of beef, pork, potatoes and apples.

McDonald staff employees enjoy benefits in health and insurance including dental and vision, flexible spending accounts such as credit unions, long-term incentives, profit sharing and savings plan, and others.

Employees who worked here appreciate how the flipping-burger job helped them to be good leaders. In fact, employers would tell that a McDonald’s employment history is a huge plus in a person’s resume.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felons?

In the US, completely disqualifying any job candidate with a conviction is considered a violation of civil rights. No sane company will issue a clear policy on this subject because it may unleash potential lawsuits.

Moreover, ex-offenders better not rely on company policies in deciding whether they should apply for a job at a company or not. In McDonalds, the issue depends on the hiring manager’s discretion.

Hiring practices differ from one franchise to another. You may hear that some felons get hired at a McDonald store while the other stores would not even consider one at all.

If you applied and you are invited for an interview, then you stand a chance. You can present yourself in a positive light and the hiring manager may determine if you are reliable enough for the job.

Application Process At McDonald’s

Aside from its franchises, McDonald’s still operates corporate-owned stores. That is why the application process differs from one McDonald’s store to another.

Anyone on the job hunt may apply directly to the McDonald’s store that posted the vacant position or job. You may also apply online.

The standard online application is fairly simple:

  • Online application (The Human Resources will match your education, skills, experience and background with the position)
  • Initial screening by phone interview or questionnaire or a combination of both (Key questions will be about strengths, developmental interests, goals, salary history and expectations, etc.)
  • On-site interview by the recruiter, hiring manager or peers
  • Pre-employment screening (Employment and education verification, social security check, criminal record review, and reference checking)

Tips When Applying At McDonald’s

Be prepared for possible questions about customer service when you arrive for the interview. Dress in business attire. For males, shave and sport a neatly-styled hair.

Do not lie or attempt to conceal about your criminal history. You may be asked about the nature of your offense, your incarceration and the efforts you exerted in rehabilitating your character.

Tough questions about the past may be difficult to deal with. Just compose yourself and answer as casually as you can. The key here is self-awareness.

Employers appreciate a person who learns from his mistake and accepts the responsibility. Just be confident about yourself and in your ability to rebuild the person you’re ought to be.


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