Can Felons Travel To Greece?

Greece is a fantastic place to visit. Home of some of the greatest man made wonders of the world, it is a place of culture and spectacular sceneries.

Many felons aspire to travel abroad. Even after being released from prison, the stigma of being an ex-convict can certainly affect travel plans.

Travel Restrictions

Before a felon can legally travel abroad, he must first complete his sentence, including his probation. During probation, a felon is not allowed to leave the district he lives in without permission.

This restriction makes it impossible for felons to even consider travelling internationally. Felons need to finish their sentences before they are allowed to leave without supervision.

Once the probation is finished, the felon regains his right to travel internationally. The first thing a felon needs to do is secure a passport.

Obtaining a passport can be difficult for felons who have been charged with drug trafficking, treason against the United States, or not paying child support.

Having pending legal charges can prevent a felon from getting a passport. This is because travelling outside the US is considered as an attempt to avoid prosecution. This is also considered as a federal offense.

Reasons To Travel To Greece

So why would felons even want to go to Greece? For one thing, Greece is a popular tourist destination, regardless of a person’s social standing.

Greece is considered to be the crossroads between Europe, Africa, and Asia, and it is one of the first cradles of civilization.

Greece offers stunning golden beaches. For tourists who are looking for something more exciting, the country also has mountains that are well suited for hiking.

For history and archaeology enthusiasts, Greece is home to the Acropolis, which had been the place where Ancient Greeks worshipped their gods.

Requirements To Enter Greece

According to the US Department of State’s website, only a few things prevent a felon from flying abroad is standing warrant.

In addition, if the felon’s name is on the no-fly list kept by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), they will not be allowed to leave.

Greece is one of the states that signed the Schengen Agreement in 1985. 26 countries in total are considered as Schengen territory.

US citizens who have been to a Schengen state for less than 3 months may travel back there without a visa. Once allowed, a felon can travel freely to any Schengen area without showing their passport.

Felons should not stay in Greece for more than 90 days. This is because tourists will require a visa if they decide to stay longer. Felons face deportation if found out that they have a previous felony charge.

It is important for felons to be mindful of their actions while abroad, especially in countries like Greece where felons are under scrutiny.

As long as you paid your dues to the government, nothing should stop you from enjoying a trip to Greece. Everyone deserves a good break before starting life anew. Are you planning on flying to Greece anytime soon? Does your current situation allow you to travel to Greece?

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