Does Rubbermaid Hire Felons?

Rubbermaid is a subsidiary of Newell Brands that manufactures and distributes a variety of household products. These products primarily involve food storage.

Felons looking to improve their lives after prison rely at jobs at companies like Rubbermaid to reintegrate back into society. These employees bring their diverse backgrounds to the workplace, and their perspectives bring value to the companies they work for.

About Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid products like food storage containers and home organization are distributed worldwide. The company uses its brand recognition to continue delivering quality solutions to its customers.

Rubbermaid began in 1920 under the name Wooster Rubber Company before changing the name to the brand we recognize today. In 1999, Newell acquired the company and added Rubbermaid to its list of prestigious companies.

Between all of Newell’s brands, the company employs nearly 50,000 people. Among other awards, Newell ranked #4 in the 2017 Internship Awards for its excellent internship program.

Rubbermaid, along with every Newell brand, boasts strong healthcare and family support benefits for employees. In addition to medical, vision, and dental plans, Newell offers an employee tobacco cessation program.

Employees at Rubbermaid enjoy the connections to other big brands under the Newell umbrella. Rubbermaid also has an innovative work environment that encourages employees to problem solve and grow with the company.

Does Rubbermaid Hire Felons?

Our research shows that Rubbermaid does hire felons. However, this is subject to change in the future, and there are still some felonies that may disqualify you from receiving a job offer.

Violent felonies are likely to make you ineligible for employment at Rubbermaid. However, other criminal charges may not bar you from employment.

Does Rubbermaid Run Background Checks?

Rubbermaid runs background checks on all of its employees before they begin work. This check searches for your criminal history and validates your credit and educational background.

The background check also includes a mouth swab drug test for all positions, especially those in manufacturing. Your drug test must be negative before you can begin work.

Careers at Rubbermaid

Most of Rubbermaid’s entry-level positions are in product manufacturing. The positions included here all work in Rubbermaid’s warehouses and require employees to maintain equipment, assure product quality, and oversee product distribution.

Material Handlers pull products for customer orders and pack them to prepare for shipping. This position involves operating warehouse machinery.

Distribution Associates also work to pull, pick, and sort product for orders. However, they also assist in unloading inbound loads and transporting products around the warehouse.

Instead of packaging products, Line Associates work directly in the manufacturing of Rubbermaid goods. These employees inspect products for defects and apply labels to items to prepare them for retail.

Technical Assistants help Rubbermaid’s technicians in repairing and maintaining warehouse equipment. This includes troubleshooting the molds used to create Rubbermaid’s plastic products.

Finally, Maintenance Control Technicians troubleshoot mechanical and electrical equipment in Rubbermaid’s warehouses. Maintenance and repairs are often done both individually and in teams.

Application Process at Rubbermaid

To apply for Rubbermaid jobs, head to Newell’s Careers page ( and filter jobs for Newell’s food division. From there, you will need to create an account on their website to apply for jobs. You will be asked to provide your personal information and upload a resume.

Part of the application process at Rubbermaid involves a prescreening, where you will be asked to answer questions about your criminal history. Be honest about your background, because it’s certain to come up in your background check anyway.

During your interview at Rubbermaid, discuss your previous work experience that may be relevant to the position. Did you work while you were incarcerated, and have you had any work since your release?

Lastly, you should also take this opportunity to tell your interviewer about the steps you’ve been taking to improve your life. You bring a unique life experience to the company, so show your interviewer how you can contribute to Rubbermaid’s success while also working to better yourself.

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