Does Newmont Mining Hire Felons?

Newmont is a mining corporation based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. It is one of the world’s largest gold companies.

Employment is the first step for felons to integrate back into society after leaving prison. Securing a steady job leads to a decrease in criminal activity and provides further opportunities for felons to be successful.

About Newmont

Newmont has gold mines in North and South America, Africa, and Australia. It also produces other materials like silver, lead, copper, and zinc.

William Boyce Thompson began Newmont under the name Newmont Company in 1921. The company’s history spans most of the twentieth century, and the company has only grown since its beginnings.

Newmont employs around 25,000 people across the globe. It became the first gold company in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index in 2007 and is the only gold company in the S&P 500 Index.

Benefits for Newmont employees include standard medical, dental, and vision coverage. Newmont also provides disability insurance, life insurance, and a pension plan for salaried employees.

Employees like working for Newmont because of the company’s emphasis on sustainability and inclusivity. Newmont’s global workforce contributes to a diverse company culture.

Does Newmont Hire Felons?

Different mining companies have different requirements for employees and applicants. While some companies may consider a felon’s application, Newmont does not hire felons.

Newmont representatives have mentioned this policy in the past, but this stance is based on our research. The company could easily change its hiring policies on felons in the future.

Does Newmont Run Background Checks?

Newmont runs background checks on potential employees after receiving their application. It uses various external background search programs to find information about applicants.

These checks verify a candidate’s employment and education in addition to searching for criminal records. Charges found in background checks include sex offenses, drug tests, and driving records.

Careers at Newmont

There is a wide variety of positions and professions at Newmont. Operators, drivers, supervisors, and engineers all contribute to the operation and success of the company.

Welders at Newmont are necessary for maintaining and repairing mining equipment. Employees are responsible for making safe, efficient fabrications and repairs.

Drillers maintain job sites and hole depth when mining while also keeping the drill and other tools in good condition. Drillers must be able to select the best bit for the material and operate all kinds of drills.

Truck Drivers haul materials from open pits to processing facilities. This entry-level position also requires operating tandem and single-axle trucks.

Flights and Site Access Administrators at Newmont work with new employees to ensure all flights and accommodations are taken care of. They identify problems in submissions and assist in solving them.

Newmont’s Process Technicians make sure that all facilities comply with the company’s safety policies. They also oversee sample collection, handling, storage, and testing.

Application Process at Newmont

Applying for a job at Newmont is easy when you use their website ( After you register and fill out your profile with your information and resume, select the job you want to apply for and hit the “Apply Now” button.

Successful Newmont employees are good at independent work, have great analytical skills, and are committed to safety on the job. Emphasize these traits in your application and interview.

As you write your resume, highlight your work experience that directly or indirectly relates to the mining industry. If you haven’t worked in the industry before, show your interviewer how your work experience relates to the position you’re applying for.

Also, do not lie to your interviewer about your background. Lying reflects badly on your character, and your records are easily accessible through Newmont’s background check. Instead, explain to the person conducting the interview how your experiences have shaped you.

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