Does Boston Market Hire Felons?

Boston Market Corporation is a fast food chain in the United States. This corporation specializes in “fast casual” dining and specializes in serving fresh, high quality, rotisserie chicken.

Up until 1995, Boston Market was known as Boston Chicken. The corporation decided to change their name to further expand their products. In the same token, those with felonies on their records should also be entitled to the same acceptance in terms of expanding their opportunities.

About Boston Market

Boston Market is known for their signature rotisserie chicken and freshness guarantee. They assure their customers fresh chicken with no antibiotics, MSG, and no added hormones and steroids. The same procedures apply to their also popular prime rib.

Founded by Arthur Cores and Steven Kolow in 1984, Boston Market started out in an empty store in Newton where the pair would sell rotisserie chicken paired with simple sides. The chicken was always the main selling point.

In 2019, Boston Market won for Best Leadership Teams 2019. Today, the corporation has over 400 locations nationwide and over 14,000 employees.

Employees at Boston Market are entitled to a series of benefits such as dental and vision insurance, health insurance, paid leave and sick days. Additionally, employees are also eligible for meal discounts

Aside from the employee benefits, many cite enjoying their time with Boston Market due to the management’s flexibility and considerate attitudes. Boston Market is extremely first time friendly for those who are working their first jobs.

Does Boston Market Hire Felons?

After comparing different sources, it does not appear that Boston Market hires felons. Boston Market has a hiring process that filters out felons from their applicants.

With over 14,000 employees, there does not seem to be any reports of employees or past employees citing having worked with a felony or knowing anyone who has.

Does Boston Market Run Background Checks?

Since Boston Market does not hire felons, they are required to run background checks in order to honor and keep that policy implemented.

Boston Market’s background checks take about a week to run and look at your entire adult work history. This means any jobs that you would have held starting from the age of 18.

Careers at Boston Market

Boston Market offers a variety of job positions from supervising managers to crew members. For entry level, there are an abundance of team-member positions that can be considered when applying for a job.

At entry-level, Boston Market offers a series of team member positions with different tasks and responsibilities in order to contribute to the operation as a whole.

One responsibility of a Boston Market team member would be to operate the cash register. This position requires money handling accuracy, honesty, and customer service skills.

Other responsibilities include household tasks such as wiping down tables, sweeping and mopping the floors, and other housekeeping procedures that would be taken care of during closing and opening.

In the kitchen, entry level team members may also be tasked with washing dishes, maintaining the kitchen, and scrubbing down the rotisseries when not in use.

Application Process at Boston Market

Applying for a job at Boston Market is as simple as submitting an application online either through their website or through third party hiring companies. Click here to be redirected to Boston Market’s website.

The hiring process at Boston Market can be either on the spot or can take up to a week after being called for an interview. When called for an interview, be sure to clear your calendar and give accurate information.

You should always get the name, position, and other relevant information of the person you are speaking with or being interviewed by in order to be prepared.

Make sure to have taken initiative to research. Know the company’s backstory and origin. Know their other locations in town and make sure you also have your own questions to ask in order to show that you are equally interested in a position.

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