Does Goldman Sachs Hire Felons?

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc (Goldman Sachs) is an international investment management and securities firm. They were founded in 1869 and are located in New York. They are present in many of the internal known major financial centers.

People who have served their time have been punished for the crimes they committed. They should be allowed to move on from the mistakes of their past. By denying them access to jobs, we are preventing them from moving forward with lives.

About Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is an investment management firm. They serve clients that go from large companies and governments to individuals. They provide a wide amount of services ranging from research to investment banking.

Goldman Sachs was originally started as a paper trading business by Marcus Goldman in 1969. When Samuel Sachs joined in 1882, the company gained the Sachs name becoming Goldman, Sachs, & Co.

Goldman Sachs has won many awards over the years. Human Rights Campaigns scored them 100% on the corporate equality index, showing that people are treated equally at Goldman Sachs. Forbes World named them 45 in their list of largest public companies.

Goldman Sachs offers competitive compensation packages. They offer wide variety of health programs. Different locations offer onsite childcare. Others offer advice and counseling services. They have retirement planning

Goldman Sachs has a reputation for inclusivity. This motivation has led to more people thinking highly of them. They are also an international company which opens opportunities to transfer worldwide.

Does Goldman Sachs Hire Felons?

According to our sources, Goldman Sachs may not hire felons. These policies can change over time, so this information can change internally.

Regardless It is important to disclose the information, as delaying does not appear to help the chances of getting a position.

Does Goldman Sachs Run Background Checks?

HireRight is a popular third-party background check company. Goldman Sachs uses this service to provide comprehensive background checks. The background check is in the later part of the process after a conditional offer.

HireRight does a comprehensive back ground check looking thought both local and national records. They are also able to store information about drug screenings and verify employment and education.

Careers at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a highly regarded investment firm. The vast majority of positions are highly competitive positions requiring at least a bachelor’s degree.

Client onboarding associates are the gateway into being a Goldman Sach’s client. They use their knowledge of the systems and structure to ensure that every new client has a great experience. They are constantly looking for opportunities to showcase the wide array of services to new and existing clients.

Funding product controllers ensure the company are following all regulations and practices as a public financial institution. They prepare reports on spending, communicate with various departments to clarify budgets and prepare reports on the overall finances of the company.

Administrative assistants coordinate meetings and conference calls. They handle everything from travel coordination to special events. This position requires strong multitasking and computer skills.

Digital content marketing associates use creativity and digital skills to showcase the best features of Goldman Sachs. They are willing to think outside of the box to create impactful marketing campaigns, with a focus on social media.

Goldman Sachs has a wide variety of positions. They also will offer relocation packages, so it is important to look outside of local regions.

Application Process at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sach’s hiring process is split into student and professional. The student section is geared towards undergraduate and graduate students seeking internships. The professional section is geared towards entry-level and experienced applicants. The process of hiring is very similar for the two groups. There is an initial online application. This is followed by a series of online and in-person interviews, when possible. Afterwards there is a conditional offer following a passing background check and drug screening.

It is important to upfront about information in the hiring process. There are regulations that Goldman Sachs has to go through for certain applicants and this gives the most time to go through these steps.

As an investment firm getting a good understanding of the basics of investment are important regardless of role. It shows an interest in the field, especially if you want to advance.

A great resource is the Goldman Sach’s website. There you can research positions you might want to advance to, the services Goldman Sach offers and their direction as a company.

It is important to come prepared with questions for the interviewer to show that you are invested in this company. Prepare questions about the workplace culture, their experiences or something that interested you about the company.

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