Can Felons Travel To Brazil?

In some countries, travelling abroad is made a little difficult by the presence of one’s criminal history. Fortunately, this may not be the case with nations that dispense with the details to boost its tourism.

Speaking of South America, the cities of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro cannot surely be overlooked. Travelers and visitors will simply be amazed by the liveliness and diversity that is Brazil.

Travel Restrictions

While an ex-felon can travel to any place as he wishes, this may not be true with one whose conviction is for drug trafficking and other drug-related felony.

A registered sex offender is also not eligible for passport application. Unless he has a unique identifier, his passport while traveling abroad may be revoked by the State Department once notified of the offense.

If a felon is under a supervised release, moving from one place to another may be limited by the condition in his probation or parole. A warrant of arrest for a felony may also disqualify anyone from obtaining a passport.

The passport application of any citizen may be suspended if he has outstanding obligations. This could be a seriously delinquent tax debt of more than $5000 or an unpaid federal loan for assistance from imprisonment abroad.

The State Department can validly prohibit anyone for any other reason, such as when the traveler poses a serious harm to the national security or to the foreign policy of the US government.

Reasons To Travel To Brazil

Brazil is a potpourri of interesting cultures and traditions. It is evident in the way its most popular festival, the Carnival, is grandly and colorfully celebrated.

The thought of Brazil evokes an inexhaustible burst of energy and merry spirit. Its cities flourish with festivals, dancing and endless sunshine. Travelers who love to party will definitely not miss the excitement.

Of course, Brazil is competitive when it comes to white sand beaches. The Praia do Toque and Alter do Chao are among its finest resorts, usually complemented with palm trees and coconut milk to freshen you up.

The Amazon jungle is not to be missed. Visitors come to Brazil by the thousands because witnessing the wildlife in their natural habitat is one magnificent trip of a lifetime.

Requirements To Enter Brazil

No specific restriction in Brazil is imposed against felons, but it is important for any US traveler to obtain a visa in advance from the nearest Brazilian embassy before flying to Brazil.

Particular documents required for entry are the following:

  • Visa is required for US citizens who enter Brazil for any purpose
  • Passport validity for at least six months from date of entry
  • An immigration form must be filled out upon arrival
  • US citizens with Brazilian nationality must obtain a Brazilian passport (Dual nationals cannot be issued a visa in lieu of passport)
  • Proof of intent to depart (e.g. Copy of round trip or onward ticket or a letter signed by travel agent)
  • If you enter/exit by land, present the following: Ticketed flight itinerary evidencing flights into and out of the region, a letter addressed to the Consulate of Brazil (Visa Section) that explains how, when and where you will be entering and leaving the country, and a copy of your recent bank statement
  • If you enter/exit by sea, present the following: official receipt or a boarding pass from the Cruise line listing the applicant as a passenger and showing full payment of any balance

Are you in any other kind of circumstance that may restrain or frustrate your plans of travelling abroad? Why do you want to go to Brazil?


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