Can Felons Travel To Chile?

An exceedingly striking place on earth, Chile is both a beauty and contradiction. Nothing is likely more thrilling than an adventure into the quiet wonders of its most remote corners.

Outdoor-lovers purge their fears and thrill their risk-immune senses by venturing into the wilderness abroad. But sometimes, having a past criminal conviction in one’s records may cause delays and rejections in other destinations.

Travel Restrictions

There’s a limitation to the liberty that a felon enjoys even as he is temporarily released. The State Department may disqualify you from going out the country if it is forbidden by court order in your parole or probation.

The condition in your supervised release must be complied with to the letter. Otherwise, the countries where you went to may deport you back and permanently bar you from entering again.

Absolute restriction is imposed against felons charged with drug trafficking and sexual offenses. As a sex offender, the State Department may not issue a passport unless you are identified as one in the registry system.

Likewise, a conviction for drug-related misdemeanors may cause the refusal of your passport. The State Department may authorize your travel but only on humanitarian grounds or emergency situations.

A passport application may not be granted as well if you are judicially declared to be legally incompetent. This goes just the same with a court mandate committing an applicant to a mental institution.

Reasons To Travel To Chile

In the north, you may want to warm up your adventure by sauntering through the lively streets in the country’s capital, Santiago. It’s one great cultural exchange to explore the museums and immerse oneself in Lastarrian’s beautiful art sceneries.

An hour away from Santiago is the enigmatic Easter Island. Your Tongariki experience will be unforgettable as you watch the late sunrise casts shadows over the moai statues that made the island famous.

The Atacama Desert is a stunningly scenic expanse of the earth’s driest spot. Sandboarding in Death Valley and drifting through the jagged terrain to the Valley Moon, the salt flat and the geyser is where the Chilean adventure begins.

Go to the south and survive the best hiking route ever, the W-trail. Among the jaw-dropping highlights in Torres de Paine national park are the Glacier Grey, soaring horn-like rocks, beautiful lakes, and diverse faunas including guanacos and foxes.

Requirements To Enter Chile

There are five direct flights from US all the way to Chile. Flights usually take about ten hours. Chile is one of the participating countries which allows for an air pass within South America.

There is no particular restriction against visitors with criminal records. You must, however, prepare the required entry documents:

  • A passport in good condition and valid for at least 90 days from date of departure in Chile (With at least two unused pages in the visa section of passport)
  • A tourist visa is required for US citizens who stay for more than 90 days
  • Tarjeta de Turismo or tourist card (Has a validity of 90 days which may be extended upon payment of fee)
  • An original, ‘apostilized’ or authentic birth certificate of a minor under 18 traveling as a tourist (Even when child travels with both parents)
  • Chilean passport for dual US citizens (US and Chilean nationality)
  • Written notarized consent from non-traveling parent (For a tourist minor who departs without the adult companion when they entered Chile)
  • Reciprocity fee of $160

Is there other situation or any other kind of hindrance that may affect your freedom to travel? Why do you want to go to Chile?

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