Does Carrabba’s Italian Grill Hire Felons?

Carrabbas’s Italian Grill opened in Texas in 1986.  Up until purchased by Outback Steakhouse, now known as Bloomin’ Brands, Carrabas Italian Grill ran as a family business.   Since being bought by Bloomin’ Brands in 1993, the Carrabba’s Italian Grill chain has grown to over 225 locations nationwide.  The latest venture has taken the Carrabas Italian Grill concept to Brazil.

Hiring felons is a ticklish subject for many employers.  Despite their feelings and opinions on the subject, many who would hire felons are prevented by local, state and federal laws that restrict hiring anyone with a criminal background for certain jobs.

About Carrabba’s

Born of a set of family recipes in Texas in 1986, Carrabba’s was a success.  The family ran the two restaurant locations in the Houston, Texas area until Outback Steakhouse took an option with Carrabba’s to develop ten new stores in Houston and Florida.  Two years later, Outback Steakhouse, which later became Bloomin’ Brands, got the right to expand the chain nationwide.

Bloomin, Brands operates over 225 company stores in the US. As if the 2018 BLoomin Brands annual report, there was only one franchise store in the chain.  Carrabals restaurants use the recipes of the Carrabba’s and Mandola families.  The growing chain of restaurants continues to use these same recipes.

Carrabba’s, as a part of the BLoomin’ Brands chain, offers a complete benefits package to its employees including:

  • Medical coverage;
  • Dental Coverage;
  • Prescription Drug Coverage;
  • Meal Discounts;
  • Vacations;
  • Flexible Scheduling, and;
  • Career Advancement Opportunities.

A review of comments made by present and past employees shows Carrabba’s to be a fun place to work.  The staff is encouraged to make suggestions.  Many employees feel that the company has a genuine interest in their welfare and well-being.  Overall the comments show Carrabas as a good place to work.

Does Carrabba’s Italian Grill Hire Felons

Since Bloomin Brands bought Carribba’s, the restaurants have operated under the umbrella of the Bloomin’ Brands policies.  Bloomin’ Brands has a rule not to share any company hiring rules or policies publicly.  Company policies that keep hiring rules from the public make determining the overall rules difficult.

What is known is that Bloomin Brands runs Carrabba’s Italian Grills in thirty states.  Each of these states has its own laws about serving liquor, beer and wine.  The licensing rules of each state are different and many of them have restrictions on who can work in a restaurant that has a liquor, beer or wine license.

These different rules make the best method of finding out if the local Carriba hires felon is to ask.

Does Carrabba’s Italian Grill Run Background Checks?

Carrabba’sItalian Grill states plainly on its website that it keeps a drugfree workplace.  Such a statement is almost always an indication that pre-hiring drug screens and background checks are part of the hiring process.

According to former and current employees who have commented on several job-related websites, a drug test and a background check are a routine part of the pre-hire process.  Failing either will ene any chance of getting a job at a Carrabba’sItalian Grill.

Careers at Carrabba’sItalian Grill

The Carrabba’sItalian Grill website has a career search page and allows online job applications.  To access the website, follow this link.

Most of the entry-level positions at Carrabba’s Italian Grill are standard across the restaurant industry and include food preparation jobs, serving jobs, cleaning and preparation jobs, and some delivery jobs.

The latest job listings on the Carrabba’sItalian Grill website include:

  • Servers – Servers at Carrabba’s will provide friendly, prompt and attentive service. Attention to the needs of the customer is our priority.  You will learn the entire Carrabba’s menu and gain experience in making suggestions based on customer feedback.
  • Delivery Driver – Delivery Drivers, are considered a specialist position at Carrabba’sItalian Grill. You will become familiar with our menus and side dishes.  A current driver’s license, a dependable vehicle and insurance are a requirement.
  • Line Cook – As a line cook at Carrabba’sItalian Grill, you are expected to adhere closely to the recipe standards. Part of this job is to prepare food to order, maintain a safe and clean work environment, adhere to all state and local food preparation standards, and maintain the company’s commitment to quality and service.

Application Process at Carrabba’sItalian Grill

If you apply online, your application goes to the restaurant where the job opening exists.  You should be contacted by the restaurant to arrange an interview in person at the restaurant.

You can also apply directly to the restaurant.  You can expect to fill out the application, undergo a short interview process.  If the manager or assistant manager thinks you may be a fit for the job, you may be asked to take a drug test and to give permission for a background check.

Carrabba’sItalian Grill is a company dedicated to portraying a certain image.  When applying for a job at Carrabba’sItalian Grill, you should present yourself confidently and honestly.  Dress well and come prepared to complete the application or to give any follow-up information that may be asked.

Always fill out the application completely.  Don’t skip any questions and answer as completely as possible.  Be honest.  Many times an honest answer will do more good than an evasive or dishonest answer.

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