Does Williams Hire Felons?

Williams Companies is an energy company focused on Natural gas processing and transportation. They are based in Tulsa Oklahoma. They are also a publicly traded corporation.

Felons may stand a chance at becoming employed with Williams Companies. Many felons just want a chance to be reformed members of society. They should be given a second chance, that doesn’t mean give them chance after chance.

About Williams Companies

A natural gas and energy company based in Oklahoma. Williams focuses on transporting and processing 30% of the natural gas in the U.S.. Williams Companies is a fortune 500 company. Williams Companies is a fairly large company with a large annual revenue.

Williams was founded in 1908 by Miller and David Williams in Arkansas. By 1919 they had relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1949 Nephews of the founders and David’s son bought the company from the original founders. In 1954 the company went public by the name Williams Brothers, in the 70’s it was renamed The Williams Companies and 1997 simplified to Williams.

By 2002 the company was in financial distress, but not before spending years purchasing other pipelines and transportation companies.

Williams is a fortune 500 company. They employ more than 5 thousand employees. The company fell on financial distress and avoided bankruptcy by obtaining a high interest loan and selling off two of Canada’s largest pipelines.

Williams not only offer medical, dental and vision options to their employees, they also offer other things. They offer ancillary plans, pension plans, 401k and stock purchasing. They also offer paid time off to eligible employees.

Their employees are happy about the opportunity to advance in their careers. Their drivers like the short hauls. Their team leaders are compassionate and caring. They pay very well.

Does Williams Companies Hire Felons

Based upon recent research, Williams does hire felons. Management at many of the branches have an open mindset about hiring felons. Each applicant’s history is taken into consideration individually.

Williams does not guarantee that they will hire felons. They will take the charge and criminal history into consideration. Be honest on your application, because being a felon isn’t an automatic disqualification.

Does Williams Do a Background Check

Yes, they do run background checks on all new employees. This is done somewhat as a test of honesty. If you lie on your application they certainly won’t hire you felon or not. Being caught lying is a not impressive to potential employers.

Williams companies do run background checks. The best thing to do is be honest and answer all application questions honestly. Just because you have been arrested or convicted doesn’t mean you cant or wont get hired.

Careers at Williams

Williams treats employees fair and offer career advancements. They compensate their employees well and look to fill positions across the country as they are continuously growing. Some of their popular positions are Commercial Service Representative, Operations Technician, and Training Specialist.

Commercial Services Representative

They manage customer related activities and help identify growth opportunities. Negotiate and implement commercial arrangements. This position generally requires a bachelor’s degree.

Operations Technician

Safely maintaining facility equipment. Responsible for the data analysis and solution finding. Must complete site report logs and keeps proper records.

Training Specialist

Training specialist design, develop and implement training programs and processes. Develop customer specific solutions, participates in incident investigation. They also mentor and train others.

Corrosion Engineer

Great for self starters as they plan and conduct their own work. Works on projects and technical assignments that impact operations. Manage multiple projects at once. This position requires a bachelors degree in engineering and 5 years of experience in corrosion control.

Senior Security Rep

Manages CCTV program and trouble shoot issues. Researches and maintains company security technology and procedures. Monitors and evaluates security team perfomance and operations. Requires 6 years of security experience and vocational certificate in secuirty operations.

Application Process at Williams

Open positions can be found at You can search for open positions, submit your application online and present a resume. With your skills aligned, specific details about projects, leadership roles, and education should be on your resume.

If you are chosen to continue on in the application process you will get an invitation to a video interview. If you remain a candidate then you will be asked for an in-person interview onsite. The hiring process can take several weeks.

The largest and easiest way to apply with Williams is to do so online. All of their position descriptions are detailed and accurate, you will know what you are applying for when you apply. If you are fortunate enough to live near one of their offices you can apply in person and hand them a resume with your credentials at that time.

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