Does Papa John’s Hire Felons?

As of 2015, Papa Johns was the fourth largest delivery pizza chain in the United States. Papa Johns operates a large franchise operation across the United States. These franchise operations make up more than 85% of the companies operations. These franchise stores and company run stores provide jobs for about 18,000 people.

In the United States, the legal system works on the concept of innocence. Innocent until proven guilty is the basis of every aspect of our ideas of crime and punishment.

The concept of paying a debt to society is a huge part of the criminal system. Society fails in many instances to accept felons when they have paid that debt.

About Papa Johns

Papa John’s Pizza grew out of the backroom of a tavern in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Over the next several years, the small company grew to the giant company it is today.  Doing business in more than 25 countries and the United States,  Papa Johns is one of the largest franchise food companies in the world.

Franchise stores make up the majority of the Papa Johns operations.  These stores sell both carryout pizza and other products as well as do delivery services of the same products.

“Papa” John Schnatter began making and selling pizzas from a small space in the back of his father’s tavern.  The business grew slowly until 1997 when the first public shares in the company sold.  Since then, Papa Johns has grown around the world and has become a leader in the take-out pizza business.

Papa John’s has won many awards including customer service awards and workplace awards in many cities and states. Papa John’s franchise company has awards as one of the best franchise opportunities in the United States.

Papa John’s focuses on the people in the organization.  The company website focuses on three main ideas.  The most important ingredient in their success is their people.  Being part of the community is as important as business.  And sports is a core part of the Papa John’s culture.

The company offers a complete benefits package, including:

  • Health Benefit Options
  • Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Paid Vacation
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Term and accidental life insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plan

Does Papa Johns Hire Felons?

Papa John’s does not make their company hiring policies public.  A search of the internet shows mixed answers.  The make-up of the company leads to much of this confusion.

Papa Johns franchise stores make up more than 85 percent of the total number of stores in the United States.  The franchise stores are all owned and operated by individual companies that set their own hiring rules.

In some places, a different company may own a Papa John’s on one side of a large city than a Papa John’s store across town. Each of these stores could have different hiring policies.

It is difficult to say if a Papa John’s store will hire a felon.  The only way to know for sure is to ask at the Papa John’s store in question.

Does Paps Johns run background checks?

While Papa John’s website does not say that background checks are required, the information gathered from the internet shows that background checks and drug screens are a routine part of the hiring process at Papa John’s stores.

Routine background screens and drug tests are not surprising. Most of the jobs with Papa John’s stores involve delivery or the sale and handling of food items. Insurance agencies will almost always make a business drug test anyone working in these two jobs.

You should expect to have a background check done and do a drug test as part of the hiring process at Papa John’s

Careers at Papa Johns

Jobs are Papa John’s include:

  • Customer Service Representative – Customer Service Representatives take orders over the phone. This job may also require you to help in the kitchen making and cooking pizzas, boxing orders, and cleaning and maintaining the store
  • Cashiers – Cashiers are responsible for meeting our customers, taking orders and handling cash registers. You will be responsible for quick and courteous service and for receiving money from customers.
  • Cooks– As a cook for Papa John’s, you are responsible for accurately making pizzas to order, preparing them for delivery and keeping the high quality of Papa John’s pizza as your number one goal.
  • Delivery Drivers – Our delivery drivers must have a clean driving record, a safe vehicle and must maintain their car insurance. As a delivery driver for Papa John’s, you must make quick deliveries to the right address in a safe manner.

Application Process at Papa Johns

Papa John’s website has an easy to use application page.  The job openings are searchable by job title, location,  and type of job.  You can access the Papa John’s Job Search Page here

Most of the Papa John’s stores are independently owned locations.  These franchise stores may or may not list their job openings on the Papa John’s company website job center.  Most of these franchise stores allow the store manager to hire at the store location.  Your best chance is to ask at the store location about job openings and to apply directly to the store.

When making an application, honesty and openness are the best way to go.  Answer all the questions on the application.  Bring a list of references with the correct address and phone number.  The key is preparation.

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