Does Golden Corral Hire Felons?

Golden Corral—a restaurant company—has locations in over 40 states. In addition to having many locations, the company has many job opportunities.

Felons should be granted another chance at employment because the ability to change is universal. Employment—like family, friends, and education—can give someone a sense of purpose and a want to do better in life.

About Golden Corral

Golden Corral focuses on restaurants—specifically, buffet and grill. These restaurants offer food and beverages. For example, some of the 150-plus products include pizza, mashed potatoes, and desserts.

The year 1973 marks the beginning of Golden Corral. Its first location was Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States (U.S.). At this time and place, James Maynard and William Carl departed their sales jobs to open the company.

Golden Corral—also named Golden Corral Corporation.—is a privately-owned company. Throughout 2018, the company’s 489 restaurants made about 1.7 billion dollars in sales.

Benefits like a dental plan and meal discounts are available to the company’s employees. Employees may also obtain paid vacation, no-interest college loans, and others.

A family-like feel among employees and management makes people enjoy working at Golden Corral. Opportunity for advancement also enhances job satisfaction. For example, a person named Gaspar Hernandez started as a dishwasher and is now a franchisee.

Does Golden Corral Hire Felons?

We conducted research on whether Golden Corral hires felons by looking at multiple sources, including an actual application. Our research from the multiple sources suggest that this company hires felons.

When we searched through an actual application, we found that there was not a section that asked about previous felonies. Also, the Golden Corral website does not seem to have a felon-focused program for getting a job.

Does Golden Corral run background checks?

To check if Golden Corral runs background checks, one of our researchers initiated an application for a Restaurant Team Member position. Our research found that there was no mention of background checks in the application.

We also thoroughly checked the Golden Corral career website for mention of background checks. Our research did not find any mentions of the practice.

Careers At Golden Corral

The company offers various job positions—as well as training for each position—that include dealing with food, money, guests, serving and others.

One position is being a baker. The baker—in addition to providing guest service and cleanliness—works with food like cakes and rolls.

Another position is being a dishwasher. The dishwasher is responsible for cleaning dishes/silverware and exterior areas (like the parking lot). The dishwasher also works in the restrooms, attends to the parking lots, and other activities.

The server position is a hospitality role. Servers know the products, pay attention to guest numbers, follow bussing rules. They must be enthusiastic and enjoy teamwork.

Cook positions focus on making food—like grilling and frying. When other employees are absent, cooks may have to restock items and help with carved meat tasks.

Other positions include buffet attendants, who have many tasks. Guest service tasks include helping guests and working with crocks. They may also have to clean buffets, help to open and close the restaurant, and other duties.

Application Process At Golden Corral

The application process is online at the following link: Clicking on the “Apply Now” button leads to a list of open positions—like “Baker” or “Cook”. Clicking on a position leads to the online application.

There are many questions that an application may ask. For example, an application may ask for availability, whether you have experience in the desired position, and whether you are legally authorized to work in the U.S.

The application may also have a “Resume/Qualifications” section. This section allows you to click “Attach” and upload a resume; if you do not have a word processing software, you can simply select the “Paste” option and type this information.

If invited for an interview, a good practice is to dress appropriately. Using specific examples of your previous work experiences may make your skills clear to the employer. Bringing a copy of your resume to interview may also be helpful.

Many beliefs guide how the company works—like diversity, promoting education, and being of service to others. Others include integrity and honesty. Following these beliefs at work—like in other aspects of life—may ensure success.

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