Missouri ReEntry Programs

ReEntry Programs help ex-offenders and felons on probation get jobs, find housing and network with others who may be in a similar situation. Some Re-entry programs may also be associated with religious and spiritual organizations.

A reentry program may be run by a state government, a local nonprofit or even for profit entity and they vary widely in the assistance they can provide.

List of Missouri ReEntry Programs


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Missouri Department of Corrections

The Department of Corrections has over 30,000 incarcerated inmates, 97% of who will return home to our communities throughout the state. Each year there are approximately 20,000 inmates released back into the community. If offenders are released without the appropriate and necessary tools to be productive members of society, they have a greater potential to be a threat to public safety and are at risk to re-offend.

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Corizon Missouri Reentry program

The site provides community contacts in areas including crisis counseling, dental care, education/job training, employment resources, faith, food and clothing, housing/shelter, medical care, Medicare/Medicaid, mental health and veterans services.

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Kansas City Community Source, Inc

The purpose of our non-profit organization is to assist individuals being released from prison with all phases of their reclamation to society.

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Mission St. Louis

We’ve created and grown life-changing programs for youth to older adults in order to empower people in our city with the tools needed to work their way out of poverty. Our two core programs, Beyond School and Beyond Jobs, are transforming lives.

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Power House Fresh Start

Powerhouse Community Development Corp. has joined forces with the MDOC and Probation & Parole of Saline County to provide housing, substance abuse treatment, transportation, employment, food and clothing assistance and health treatment. It is our belief that offenders that work the program can become productive citizens.

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