Can a Felon Vote in New Mexico?

New Mexico was first colonized by the Spanish in 1598 before it was established as the 47th state on January 6, 1912. This is the main reason why this city has the highest population of Hispanics. The state has a current population of 2,081,015.

The average prison population has reached 980 out of 100,000 of the adult population in New Mexico. This means that 0.98% of the population is felons. Most of the inmates are male and Hispanic.

Voting is a human right that should not be taken from a person. However, prison is intended to be a punishment for people who do not abide by the law. Hence, part of their rights is being taken as part of their punishment to their wrong doings.

Can Felons Vote in New Mexico?

Since felony is intended to be punished, the felons of New Mexico are denied of their right to vote from the time of imprisonment up to the end of their sentence or the day of their release.

The felons are also not allowed to vote even if they are candidate or on official probation or parole. New Mexico does not give leniencies since felons on probation are still felons until released.

They should complete the sentence imposed by the law and should have completed their conditions for the probation or parole.

Once released, the right to vote will be reinstated and all other rights will be restored. The convicted felon has an option to claim this right or not.

How Felons Can Restore Voting Rights in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, felons are given a certificate verifying that they have completed their sentence and stating that they are granted a pardon from the governor’s office for reinstatement of the full rights of citizenship.

Once all the responding units of the State’s office have been notified, the person convicted of felony will be informed that they are once again entitled to register to be able to vote. The following should be done for them to regain this right.

  • the felon should go to the city clerk’s office to re-register.
  • the standard registration form should be filled out
  • the felon should show a proof of identification
  • the felon should show a proof of their age, domicile and citizenship status

Aside from this, the person convicted of felony should prove that they are mentally competent to vote and make decisions.

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