Can a Felon Vote in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire was founded in 1629 but it was established as a state on June 21, 1788. The current population as of the latest census is 1,334,795.

The average prison population has reached 460 out of 100,000 of the adult population in New Hampshire. This means that 0.46% of the population is felons. Higher counts of these felons are men.

Voting is important as it is like the freedom to choose your future. Voting is the way of most people to express their view of the government. The voting rights give people the opportunity to choose what they prefer and change what they don’t like in the current government. The citizen’s opinion does matter and this is what voting rights practices.

Can Felons Vote in New Hampshire?

In some countries and states, they assume that convicted felons cannot be trusted with their judgments since they failed to correctly think before they have done any act of felony.

However, in New Hampshire, felons are unable to vote only while they are in prison until the time they are discharged.

Felons may vote while they are on probation or parole. They can even vote if they become a candidate for parole or probation.

The good thing in New Hampshire is that they give the convicted felons a right to regain their normal life and this includes their right to vote.

How Felons Can Restore Voting Rights in New Hampshire?

Incarcerated felons in New Hampshire are denied of their right to vote. However, the government automatically reinstates this right upon the release of the convicted felon. The following should be done for them to regain this right.

  • the felon should go to the city clerk’s office to re-register.
  • the standard registration form should be filled out
  • the felon should show a proof of identification
  • the felon should show a proof of their age, domicile and citizenship status

Though the convicted felons’ right to vote is automatically reinstated, it is still their choice if they wish to claim it or not.


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