Can a Felon Become a Massage Therapist?

You may have committed a crime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the job you want. As a person with a felony, you may not know what types of work you can do.

If you’d like to help people feel better, you may want to explore becoming a Licenses Massage Therapist. This type of work means you will be massaging muscles to make someone feel better.

If you were already interested in becoming a massage therapist, you may know some of the processes. If the idea is new to you, there are some things you’ll have to consider if you have a felony.

What Does A Massage Therapist Do?

Massage Therapists use their hands to release tension in sore muscles. They work closely with other people to make them feel better.

These therapists can work in spas and clinics. Sometimes they travel to people’s homes or work in hotels.

Successful therapists need to communicate with their patients. Once you know what is going on with them, you will have to perform the right massages to make them feel better.

When performing a massage, you’ll need to have the right tools and equipment. Knowing your massage chair and what oils to use will keep you from hurting someone.

You can do different types of massages depending on your client. Athletes may need a sports massage whereas that would hurt someone who is elderly.

You can assign treatments for patients to follow or perform the massage and let them go. Having the skills to know what your client needs come from education and experience.

What Does it Take to Become a Massage Therapist?

Education and training are requirements in many places. Some colleges specialize in your interest.

You can get a diploma from an institution or even work your way up in someone’s clinic. Starting a career as a Massage Therapist means you have a lot to learn.

Some states don’t need you to have a license to become do massages. Wyoming, Minnesota, and Kansas do not have any state requirements.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to get a license. Some cities and counties have regulations. Before getting the job, check the area you live in to make sure that you can do this work.

To operate as a Massage Therapist, you will need to meet the requirements of the area you live in. Most places want you to have Liability Insurance. This means that if something happens you and your client are financially protected.

Almost every state needs you to have your LMT (Licensed Massage Therapy) certification. You can get this by going to school and passing courses that teach you to practice.

Education requirements can vary between 500 and 1000 hours of training. This depends on where you live.

Once you get your license, you will have to renew it often. There will also be tests to get and keep your license to practice.

Along with some health certifications, you will have to go through a background check. Some states need you to test for diseases while others only need letters of reference.

How Does Your Felony Affect You?

Due to licensing requirements, this may stop you from practicing Massage Therapy. It is up to licensing boards to keep your clients safe.

Licenses make sure that anyone who is performing massages is responsible. They also ensure that you have the training to make sure your job gets done right. These requirements can be difficult depending on your crime.

You will be working alone with another person, certain crimes will disqualify you. If your crime was due to prostitution or of a sexual nature, you will not get the license to perform massages.

Serious crimes that hurt others like rape and kidnapping will mean that you won’t become an LMT. This is due to the nature of your crime and how it relates to your job.

If your crime is because of drugs or theft you won’t get to practice either. Many of these crimes show that your past mistakes are too risky for this type of work.

Crimes that are not immediately denied may go through reviews. Agencies will look at how serious your crime was. If your crime is against an elderly person or a child, you will not get your License.

Many convictions are another troublesome matter for you. Getting into a lot of trouble will result in denial of licenses.

To become a Licensed Massage Therapist, you need to be someone who will not hurt other people. Even though you may be trustworthy now, licensing boards won’t risk a patient’s safety.

Is it Worth it to Become a Massage Therapist?

For anyone who can get the education and licenses, Massage Therapy can offer some benefits. Many massage therapists work on appointment only schedules and set their own fees.

This type of work can give you a “work/life” balance. This means you work when you want to.

The average Massage Therapist makes around $41,000 per year. You can make more depending on where you live and the type of work you do.

As people begin to understand Massage Therapy opportunities open up for those who can do it. Massage Therapy jobs are expected to grow by 24% through the year 2026.

If you’d like to do this type of work, it may be a great career path.


Becoming a Massage Therapist is not easy. Unless you live in an area with no restrictions your felony will cause you complications.

People who perform massages work intimately with their clients. This means that you won’t get your licenses if you’ve committed certain crimes.

Many crimes that you may have committed will keep you from getting your license. Other crimes may not stop you.

You can look into the possibilities to have your felony expunged. This means that your conviction is no longer on your record.

There are many jobs available to felons. Finding your passion and not letting your conviction define you is possible.


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