Colorado ReEntry Programs

ReEntry Programs help ex-offenders and felons on probation get jobs, find housing and network with others who may be in a similar situation. Some Re-entry programs may also be associated with religious and spiritual organizations.

A reentry program may be run by a state government, a local nonprofit or even for profit entity and they vary widely in the assistance they can provide.

List of Colorado ReEntry Programs

Colorado Department Of Corrections

The Colorado Department of Corrections is responsible for the management of the state’s adult prison system, community corrections, intensive supervision program-inmate (ISP-I), and parole. Prison Operations is accountable for offenders sentenced to prison.

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Colorado Gives

The mission of CCJRC is eliminate the overuse of the criminal justice system and advance community health and safety. Our goals are to (1) advocate for alternatives to prison expansion; (2) research and design specific reforms of policies driving growth in the prison populations, with an emphasis on drug policy, parole and reentry; (3) build and facilitate a statewide coalition; and (4) serve as a resource for prisoners, parolees and their families.

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The mission of Focus Reentry is to reduce recidivism and enhance community safety. As the only formal program available to incarcerated individuals who are newly released from the Boulder County Jail, Focus Reentry assigns Mentors to serve as a bridge in the transition back into society, helping individuals to stabilize, rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.

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Community Education Centers

CEC is a leading national provider of rehabilitative services for offenders in reentry and in-prison treatment facilities, as well as providing comprehensive management of county, state, and federal jail and detention facilities. The Company provides evidence-based programming for residential and non-residential clients and maintains a documented record of reducing recidivism.

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Community Educational Outreach

Community Educational Outreach (CEO) is a Colorado Front Range non-profit devoted to providing educational resources that target low-income adults who may be at risk of being institutionalized. CEO outreaches to local community correction, drug rehabilitation, and community based facilities in an effort to help clients remain productive members of society.

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e-Colorado Reentry Services

Community Re-Entry provides unique programs and support services through an intensive ‘case management model.’ Multiple services are delivered and/or programs utilized to assist the offender’s transition plan. Delivery of services and programs are incentive- based, and are part of the offenders’ community supervision plan

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Independence House

The Independence House mission is to monitor and manage offenders in both residential and non-residential environments, aligning them with treatment and vocational resources to best equip them for eventual community release.

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The Colorado Second Chance Reentry Program

We’re a team of people based in the intermountain West who believe passionately in community and social change. We bring our strengths and skills in community engagement, research, meeting facilitation, grant writing, story telling, organizational development and change management, advocacy and policy, strategy development, program evaluation, marketing and communications, social media, fundraising and business models—for profit and nonprofit—to help you turn your ideas for a better future from vision to action.

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