Can a Felon Vote in Wyoming?

Wyoming is the least populated state of America, with a population of only 586,107 in 2015. It had a long history composed of invasions from Spain and Mexico before they ceded it to the US in 1848.

Overall, Wyoming Bureau of Corrections recorded over 12,619 crimes, with only 16 of them as murder. Now, there are 4,530 incarcerated individuals in the entire state of Wyoming, which is 0.77% of its population.

Felon voting laws that see and treat ex-felons as normal citizens places trust and confidence in rehabilitated individuals. On the other hand, permanent disenfranchisement, or any lesser form, condemns them into unworthy individuals.

Can Felons Vote in Wyoming?

Unfortunately, Wyoming belongs to the group of states that requires ex-felons to apply for the restoration of their voting laws. They firmly believe that ex-felons must prove their intention to participate in the citizens’ greatest chance to influence their country.

Although this felon voting law is more appropriate compared to complete disenfranchisement, it still gives an additional burden to ex-felons. In one way or another, it views them as secondary citizens who have to re-acquire their basic fundamental rights.

From the perspective of the state, it gives them more reassurance that only the rehabilitated felons get to participate in the most important political event of a country.

Nonetheless, felons must not be kept from voicing their political opinions through their votes or any means available. The future of the country depends on the ability of each state to safeguard this basic right.

How Felons Can Restore Voting Rights in Wyoming?

Each of the eight states requiring application for voting rights has their own set of procedures and requirements. As such, it is important to head directly to the designated office in a particular state to get detailed and verified information.

The state of Wyoming particularly follows this series of steps when applying for voting rights among ex-felons:

  • Accomplish the restoration of voting rights application form from the website of Wyoming Department of Corrections
  • Mail the application form to the Wyoming Department of Corrections at 1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100, Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Expect evaluation through mail within 30 days after receipt


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