Does UPS Hire Felons?

Getting a job after being convicted of a felony is tough. Often times, the interviewer will not hear your explanation after you disclose your previous conviction and before you know it, the interview is over.

Ideally speaking, everyone deserves a second chance in life, even felons. And the first step in redeeming yourself after being convicted is to get a job.

About United Parcel Service

We all know UPS. We see their trucks almost everywhere. It is one of the largest package delivery company and one of the leading providers of transportation and logistic services in the world.

In 1907, James E. Casey, who was then a 19 year old messenger, established a company in Seattle, Washington which intends to fulfill the need of America for private messengers. The small company was first called American Messenger Company.

Over time, UPS has earned many excellence awards. In 2016 alone, UPS received 8 awards from different award giving bodies. The logistics and transportation company employs 444,000 people, servicing more than 220 countries across the globe.

UPS offers wide range of benefits to ensure that their employees get to experience work-life balance. Employees are covered with health insurances including dental, vision, sickness and accident insurance, disability and cancer insurance, life insurance and more. 

People enjoy working with UPS not just because they offer great pay, but also because of the environment. Most UPSers say that they become better at what they do because of the help they get from the management.

Does UPS Hire Felons?

Based on our research from various online sources, it appears that UPS hire felons. However, this does not mean that they hire everyone that has felony.

The company, just like many others, take into account many factors when considering a felon’s employment. One is the nature of the felony. If it won’t potentially affect the position, there wouldn’t be any problem with your application.

Some other factors may also include the length of time since release from prison and the number of felonies committed. Having been convicted of grand theft might not cross you out from the list of qualified candidates.

UPS does not have any policy against hiring felons. Although, most of the positions available requires hard, physical work and labor.

Application Process At UPS

UPS only takes application online. This will save the time of the applicant in going to the office to submit a resume and get scheduled for an interview. Here is a quick guide on how the UPS application process works.

  • Visit UPS Careers and choose a location (you can also filter the results through job title)
  • Read the job description and click “Apply Now”
  • Fill out the application form with your personal information and submit once finished
  • The recruiter will call/email you for the time and location of your interview
  • The interview may also include a tour to the site
  • When the interview is over, you will be informed if you were chosen for the position or not

Tips To Apply At UPS

Never lie to the interviewer. Companies like UPS conducts thorough background check and can call you at the last minute to retract the job offer.

It is better to discuss this matter proactively. You are not just giving them the impression that you are honest, but also telling them that you take full responsibility for what you have committed.

Do not forget to focus on the positive rather than the negative side of the story. Discuss things that kept you busy during the time of your conviction, which helped you become a better person.

This can be a stressful situation for most felon applicants, so practice throwing your answers to possible interview questions, and think of it like this opportunity is the last one you’ll ever have.

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